Ottawa – Centre Constituency Association

Dear Constituents:

     As I traversed the Ottawa Centre riding in early April to collect nomination signatures, I was struck by voters' overall discontent with M.P.P. Yasir Naqvi. Constituents even referred to him as an "absentee M.P.P." and "out of touch". But beneath Naqvi's veneer of general apathy and ineptness lies a more sinister pattern of Soviet-style abuse of authority; a modus operandi which left me with no moral choice but to run against him in order to expose a sinister underbelly of corruption in the Liberal Party.

     Instead of focusing on Ottawa Centre constituents' concerns over substandard health care, long hospital wait times, the business-killing minimum wage, and housing affordability, paper-pusher Yasir Naqvi hides behind his desk at Queen's Park as he signs decrees which violate the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens like myself. Specifically, Naqvi approved unwarranted "hate speech" charges against me and my Aboriginal buddy Leroy St. Germaine, in an ill-fated attempt to silence us because we were exposing Federal and Provincial Liberal Party corruption.

     Naqvi thought he could abuse his power as Attorney General by filing these false charges in a futile attempt to shut down "Your Ward News", a newspaper of which I am Editor-In-Chief. But he grossly underestimated the strength of both my fortitude and willingness to be a martyr for my beliefs.

     So now I am the official M.P.P. candidate for the Canadians' Choice Party in the Ottawa Centre riding ... Naqvi's riding! I will be seeing him at the debates, where in addition to addressing the concerns of the riding's ignored constituents, I will mercilessly humiliate him for daring to threaten me with a 2 year prison sentence for exposing Liberal Party corruption. I suspect that Wynne chose Pakistani immigrant Naqvi (a brown Muslim) as Attorney General in order to virtue-signal to her "progressive" base. Naqvi, who is from a country with one of the world's most fanatical Muslim cultures, hypocritically charged me with "hate speech" against Jews and women! LOL! This political miscalculation will result in some very illuminating television entertainment for those in the Ottawa Centre riding that were brainwashed enough to have voted for him in the previous election.

     In addition to being Editor-In-Chief of "Your Ward News" (which is delivered to 305,000 Ontario addresses, and read by over one million people), I am the Leader of a soon-to-be-registered federal party. I am an aggressive advocate for the Christian patriarchy, promoting male masculinity by educating the public on the New World Order's agenda of chemically and psychologically castrating Western men, turning many into treasonous Soviet lackeys. A Medical Doctor by training, I am also Canada's top medical fraud and malpractice investigator. And I am a retired Canadian Armed Forces Medical Officer.

     I believe that abortion is murder, Wynne's "Sex-Ed Program" is a sinister plot to groom our children for paedophilic indoctrination, "Manmade Climate Change" is a Globalist scam to fleece taxpayers with a "carbon tax", immunization is both ineffective and dangerous, fluoride is an IQ-lowering neurotoxin that should be banned, homeschooling should be encouraged, Wynne's new drug plan is a Brave New World-style attempt to push psychiatric drugs onto children and menopausal women, Wynne's new law that allows Children's Aid to seize children if parents refuse to turn them into transsexuals is reprehensible, and every "refugee" in Canada should be IMMEDIATELY DEPORTED with those funds instead redirected to veterans and seniors who cannot afford to pay for both rent and food (many of which live in the Ottawa Centre riding and pleaded with me to advocate for them during this election). I presently live in Toronto with my lovely Cape Breton-born Hypnotist wife Colette, my precocious 3 year old son Nicholas, and my ill-tempered Shih Tzu "Mountain Bear" ... but I promise to move to Ottawa Centre if I win.

     And what about Naqvi's resume? Oh, right ... prior to becoming a career politician, he volunteered at a food bank. Please. Shakespeare said "Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them." Having been appointed Attorney General based on the latter of these three scenarios, lightweight Naqvi should save himself the embarrassment of being intellectually torn apart by me while tens of thousands of his constituents shudder and wince. I strongly suggest that he withdraw his name from his party's nomination and go back to counting cans of soup for families that decades of Liberal governments have forced below the poverty line.

     Thanks for voting.