From one Canadian to another:
Canada is where we live, breathe, and die. Why, then, do we let just a few small groups of people with nefarious agendas exploit and, in many cases, enslave us in our own neighbourhood, depriving us of our birthrights and individual liberty?
There are other alternatives!

Help Us To Register This Party Federally!

250 declarations The Canadians’ Choice Party (CCP), a constituency-based and a registered political party in Ontario since 2011, plans to be registered federally and needs 250 declarations from eligible voters in Canada to be submitted as part of the application to Elections Canada. To help us register the CCP, we invite you and/or anyone you know who might be interested in joining our party. There is no charge. Please click on the image at the beginning of this paragraph, print a simple one-page form, sign "Type 1" under "Section N", complete "Section O", and send it to us by mail to:     1-927 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, Ontario    M4J 1L8


Canadians need a fresh breed of representatives.


Break the Chain!

Canadian voters, as well as nonvoters, are the only ones who can free citizens from the vicious cycle established by the Gang of Three, that have been stifling the taxpayers for half a century.

Canadians' Choice Party is a constituency-based party and it is not an ideology-based party; hence, the registered Constituency Associations and their candidates may or may not agree with part or all the views of the Party and/or each other, and they are not responsible for the opinions and actions expressed by the other Candidates, Constituency Associations and/or the Party.

Your Candidates

are courageous, outspoken, and will stand up for their constituents.

Here is what you get by voting for those who have no obligation to the Gang of Three party politics:

Piggy-Bank  Someone to understand where you are coming from.
Piggy-Bank  Someone who doesn't have any attachment to any interest group.
Piggy-Bank  A person of action to ensure you are represented properly in the Queen's Park.
Piggy-Bank  A person whose vote counts in Queen's Park and can get you more leverage to do.
Piggy-Bank  Someone to stand where you stand, and not to offer and follow his or her own agenda.
Piggy-Bank  A local person to work within the community to work on the issues that affect local people.
Piggy-Bank  Someone to take back your democracy and you want an MPP who works for you and doesn't have to answer to anybody but you.
Piggy-Bank  A supporter of small and medium sized, locally-owned businesses, to keep the community's wealth circulating within the community.
Piggy-Bank  someone to push for tax breaks and support for local businesses, in order to create employment locally and promote greater self-reliance.

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