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Every Ontarian Should Ask Themselves:

    Am I or my family, better off than four years ago?
    What has my MPP done for me lately?

  In 15 years, the Liberal Government has managed to grow Ontario's net debt from $130 billion to $310 billion; that was about $12 billion per year on average. The Conservative government has managed to grow Ontario's net debt from $310 billion to $450 billion in just four years, in spite of making drastic cuts in social services! That is a whopping $35 billion per year on average; three times more than the previous crooked government! Meanwhile, Ontarians had to cough up additional money for unprecedented inflation, skyrocketing gas prices, higher hydro rates, etc., just after being incarcerated in their own residences for two years by the lockdown rules and regulations.

   Ontario's sunshine list published in 2022 showed more than 244,000 people earned more than $100,000, including the CEO of Ontario Power Generation who came out on top, taking home over $1.6 million in 2021.


  We must ask ourselves how Ontarians end up becoming chronic procrastinators?!

  In the 2018 Ontario General Election less than 57% of registered voters cast their votes, and almost half of the eligible voters did not. The Progressive Conservative party of Ontario formed the majority government with less than 17%, and all 124 elected MPPs received less than 27% of the registered votes in Ontario. And as a result, chances for dishonest individuals to get elected increased drastically.

  Voters, before and during the 2018 election, were well informed about dozens of issues that were a strain on Ontario's taxpayers. The Conservatives behaved like their corrupt Liberal predecessors and wasted Billions of dollars of public money, making their unscrupulous cronies richer.

  The Conservative government oppressions are not limited to just financial matters, they also infringe on citizens' individual birth rights, civil liberties, property rights and common law rights.

So why do Ontarians choose to stay in this abusive relationship? Is it because they .

  • Fear their abusive Government?
  • See no way out?
  • Are attached to their abuser?
  • Economically depend on their abuser?
  • Cling to the hope that one day the situation becomes acceptable, if not satisfactory?

  The first step for concerned Ontarians who want to get rid of the existing oppressive conservative regime is to change the way they think when it comes to political parties, and stop voting for the gang of three!

     Thanks for voting.