Brantford - Brant

  Leslie Bory is the son of a 1956 Hungarian Revolution Freedom Fighter. Mr. Bory grew up on stories about people being taken away and murdered by their Neo-Bolshevik government and their secret police. People would not show up at work after joking about the wrong people the previous day. He also heard of the rapes of members of his family by the Zionist Bolshevik Communists as they raped and murdered their way through Hungary late in WW2. Later in life Mr. Bory came to understand the relationship between Zionist Bankers who enslave the world with their more debt than money interest trap Communist banking system, and the Bolshevik Communists who were funded by their Zionist banker counterparts in Germany and America.

  Please help Mr. Bory to stop the mass foreclosure on, and confiscation of, all of our private property by Politicians, Police and the Zionist Communist bankers using the lies of convoy terror , a pandemic, climate change and price gouging, to devalue currency and justify Bill 100 to use it to physically remove all people from property.

  Mr. Bory says Doug Ford’s policies and almost the entire Ontario legislature have literally voted to kill more people than Paul Bernardo. It is a war crime to withhold food, water and medical care from a prisoner of war. Doug Ford did all of these things to the people who he is supposed to represent and he is running for office and is not in prison. Please help Mr. Bory change that.

  Two weeks turned into lockdown deaths, forced vaccinations, forced mass incarceration of the millions of people of Ontario and the legalized mass firings of frightened Canadians who don’t trust the media or the media doctors. Now Bill 100 gives the police the right to arrest you and hold you for no reason, and with no hearing or trial any property can be confiscated for no reason. Mr. Bory wants to know where the isolated sample of sars-cov-2 that was used to calibrate the tests that were used to claim that there was a case count to justify the loss of life and security caused by political decisions is located, to prove that Covid is real.

  Mr. Bory would call to have an inquiry into allegations of Holocaust reparations fraud and ask proponents of Bill 168 to justify their legislation that “Semites” wrote, that would put 11 conditions that must be observed by Canadians who don’t want to go to jail or to be put in a cage for speaking into law.

  To save people money Leslie Bory would call to ban the Kosher Tax on food and groceries. He feels that Canadians shouldn’t pay taxes to rabbis.

  Leslie Bory would call to ban funding post birth abortions. Mr. Bory loves Canadians and will represent them the way that he would like to be represented.


Please Elect Honest Leslie Bory for the riding of Brantford-Brant

     Thanks for voting.