250 declarations The Canadians’ Choice Party (CCP), a registered provincial party in Ontario since 2011, plans to be registered federally and needs 250 declarations from eligible voters in Canada to be submitted as part of the application to Elections Canada. To help us register the CCP, we invite you and/or anyone you know who might be interested in joining our party. There is no charge. Please click on the image at the beginning of this paragraph, print a simple one-page form, sign "Type 1" under "Section N", complete "Section O", and send it to us by mail to:     1-927 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, Ontario    M4J 1L8
    The Canadians'’ Choice Party (CCP) pledges to “rip up” Canada’s FATCA IGA and return Canada to Canadians. The FATCA IGA is immoral and undemocratic. It’s not in the interests of Canada and individual Canadians.

    The Canadians’ Choice Party (CCP), when registered as a federal Party pledges to:
  • work to return Canada to Canadians;
  • ensure that Canadian citizens participate in the development, preparation and implementation of any government initiative/policy that affects their lives;
  • ensure that appropriate and meaningful consultations take place before any changes are made to current laws.

    It is the right of a sovereign nation to enter into treaties with other sovereign nations. Canada is a sovereign nation. Canada is also a democracy where the government is elected by Canadians and must govern in the interests of Canadians. Therefore, any treaties entered into by the Government of Canada must reflect the interests of Canada and Canadian citizens. Furthermore, the Government of Canada does NOT have the right to enter into treaties which cede Canadian sovereignty to other nations. Yet, by entering into a FATCA IGA with the United States, the Government of Canada:

  • Betrayed the interests of those Canadian citizens who are forever scarred by the “immutable characteristic” of a U.S. place of birth;
  • Entrenched a U.S. law (FATCA) on Canadian soil; and
  • Made all Canadian laws subservient to the United States of American in general and the U.S. IRS (“Internal Revenue Service” in particular.)

    This is what the FATCA IGA does.

    FATCA 101 - A FATCA Primer

    FATCA (“Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act”) pursuant to which the United States of America claims the right to have the financial information of and to levy taxes on:
  • Those Canadian citizens
  • living in Canada
  • who happen to have been born in or born to a parent born in the United States.

    It is estimated that 25% of the town of Stanstead, Quebec was born in the United States.

    On February 5, 2014 the Harper Government agreed to change Canadian law to force Canadian banks to search its database to identify customers which fit this financial profile.

    The Federal Conservative Government, led by Stephen Harper, has ceded to the United States government, the right to subject Canadians of U.S. origin, to U.S. taxation, stripping a subclass of Canadian citizens of the full benefits of Canadian citizenship. In Stephen Harper’s Orwellian view of Canada: “All Canadians are equal, but some Canadians are more equal than others”

    One wonders:
    Which group of Canadians will be next?

    Leaving aside the immorality, Mr. Harper’s FATCA IGA violates Canada's privacy laws and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. In addition, this “FATCA IGA” will allow the U.S. to subject part of Canada’s economy to permanent U.S. taxation.

    That is why ordinary citizens forced to fight for their own rights!


                    Canadians'’ Choice Party is the only party that has been addressing the issues related to FATCA since 2011. In so doing, the Canadians’ Choice Party is promoting the protection and Canadians’ identity and the sovereignty of Canada.

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